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Will heat crack granite countertops?

Choosing the perfect countertops is a lot easier if you know what your requirements are upfront. For instance, if you know your surfaces need to withstand the heat of straight-from-the-oven cookware, you'll want suitable materials.

If you’re new to shopping for products like this, we can help. Here are some facts that can help you pick the perfect materials.

Excellent heat resistance

You can expect outstanding heat resistance from a material formed by pressure and heat. So, placing a pan from the oven on your surface won't weaken or crack.

For the best protection for granite countertops, we recommend not placing hot pans on the same surface repeatedly. Doing so can cause the granite to discolor.

Extremes are an exception

Extreme temperature changes can cause problems, so avoid this practice. For instance, never place an oven-hot pan on a surface where you recently placed an ice-cold object.

The same is true for going from hot to cold, so separate these items with extreme temperatures. Then, you'll be happy that you did and never have to worry about damage from extremes.

You have plenty of options

You’ll also find quartz, quartzite, and marble countertops at our showroom, along with experienced associates who work with you. Share your questions and vision, and we'll ensure that you find everything you need for the perfect remodel.

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