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Will my cabinets support granite countertops?

If you’re preparing to purchase granite countertops, you might wonder whether your cabinets will support the weight. And we have the answers you’re looking for.

As you follow along with today's post, you'll learn more about this material. But, first, let's find out more about granite and your cabinetry.

Granite countertops are heavy

Granite countertops generally weigh about 16 pounds per square foot. However, there should be no problem installing granite counters if you have standard cabinets.

You won’t require cabinet reinforcements if you’re using granite that is an average of 3 cm thick. Even with overhangs up to 10 inches, your cabinets should support the weight well.

When extra support is needed

A plywood underlayment becomes a requirement if your granite is 2 centimeters thick or less. The stone needs additional support at this measurement because it isn't as sturdy as a thicker option.

Additional benefits of granite

You’ll love the scratch, chip, heat, and stain resistance that comes naturally to granite countertops. In addition, it's easy to clean, perfectly flat, and incredibly affordable.

If visuals are vital to you, you'll appreciate the uniqueness of each piece. We'll help you find a perfect match for your every need for any remodel.

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