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Will vinyl plank flooring scratch?

One of the best things about vinyl plank flooring is its outstanding durability. You can even customize specific options for added protection.

But the truth is, the materials can scratch under certain activities. So, the more you know about these situations, the better you can prepare for them.

The extensive durability of vinyl plank flooring

The good news is that luxury vinyl flooring offers extensive durability. The wear layer and protective top layer guard against most daily wear.

These layers are also available in various thicknesses to customize your protection. But other factors also come into play with LVP flooring and other options.

Luxury vinyl flooring offers excellent protection

Most vinyl flooring products are created to withstand a great deal of daily wear. So, even children and pets aren't a significant threat to your new floors.

Special care is essential in certain situations to keep your floors scratch free. These easy steps could keep your floors looking great longer.

Simple steps to a scratch-free surface

Use pads or protectors beneath your feet if you have heavy appliances or furniture. Likewise, use felt tips on dining room chairs and floor pads beneath office chairs.

Luxury vinyl flooring works great in high-traffic areas such as hallways and children's rooms with a few runners or area rugs. They can stand between your floors and any scratches that might come their way.

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