Vinyl plank flooring in a Baton Rouge, LA home

Will vinyl plank flooring warp?

Many homeowners choose luxury vinyl plank in place of traditional solid hardwood flooring because it’s more affordable and easier to install while still offering the stunning appearances found in the wood flooring line. But we are often asked whether vinyl plank flooring will warp, and that is what we will discuss with your today.

Why does vinyl plank flooring warp?

The truth is that, yes, luxury vinyl plank flooring can warp, especially with an improper installation in areas with excessive temperatures, whether hot or cold. When temperatures change drastically, the materials can expand and contract, just like natural wood, and cause various problems, including warping.

Direct sunlight can also create misshapen pieces, especially if it happens during the installation period. Never subject your flooring to direct sunlight, even before it is put in place.

If you aren't choosing an entirely waterproof material, liquids that seep into the seams can cause warping. Be sure to clean up messes as soon as possible to avoid this problem.

The best protection against warping is a professional installation with warranties and a company that stands behind its work. Be sure to visit and speak with our flooring professionals for even more information about protecting your new floors.

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