Hardwood refinishing in Baton Rouge

Yes, engineered hardwood flooring can be refinished

Yes, it might be engineered, but it is very much real hardwood and at the top is a slab of real wood from the trees in a forest. On top of that is a veneer which is called the wear layer and, depending on that thickness, the flooring can be refinished anywhere up to three times.

The bottom line: When you’re ready to buy, don’t be fooled by promotions that offer ultra-cheap prices, and that goes whether you’re selecting engineered or solid hardwood, laminate or waterproof flooring.

The question of refinishing is something we hear time and again in our showroom, and the myth that it can’t be done seems to keep persisting.

In Baton Rouge, the best engineered flooring comes right from this company, so visit us to look at the hardwood choices.

Other facts include:

  • It’s real wood. That is why real estate sales associates are legally allowed to state that a home with engineered has a hardwood floor. 

Real estate laws are strict, so it couldn’t be represented as such without the very real possibility of losing his or her license.

  • This flooring looks as real as solid hardwood and is available in a large assortment of colors, styles, species, finishes. 

The ONLY difference is the construction. Unlike solid, which is a slab of wood all through the plank, this is a multi-layered product. At the top is the slab of wood (from the forest) and underneath are layers of wood and other materials. Those layers are positioned in cross directions, and that construction is what gives it stability and better water-resistance.

Make sure the overall thickness is at least 5/8-inch thick.

  • It’s as durable as any hardwood. ALL wood, like anything else, looks beautiful for years when well-protected. Just as you would solid, keep pet nails trimmed, use protective pads on the bottom of furniture so it doesn’t scratch when moved; strategically place mats or area rugs, and avoid walking on it with stilettos, etc.
  • It has better stability and moisture-resistance. Wood usually expands or contracts in order to adjust to weather conditions, but this doesn’t. Although it is better able to handle water, it is not completely waterproof so exercise caution.

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